An ethical, responsible and long-term vision of investment

Since its creation, Ekkio Capital has been continuously promoting the principles of responsible investment.

An effective ESG approach is key to the success and performance of a portfolio company.

We integrate non-financial, environmental, social and governance criteria from opportunity analysis to selling-off.

We have strengthened and formalized our commitments by implementing an ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) charter, signed by the whole team of Ekkio.


UN's Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2013, with an A rating in 2019 for its strategy & governance.

France Invest's Environmental, social and good governance principles and member of the ESG Commission.

FSI France Investissement’s Charter of Partner Companies.


In 2013, we implemented an ESG review for all our portfolio companies. It has been carried out since 2019 by an external and specialized consulting company that brings methodology, benchmarks and objectivity. 

In order to standardize ESG reporting of portfolio companies, a common reference document covers 4 main topics: environmental footprint (Environment), supplier monitoring (Supply Chain), social footprint (Human Capital) and governance.


An annual online survey on the Sirsa platform helps identify areas for improvement. Qualitative discussions with management teams pave the way to action plans to improve the companies' extra-financial performances. The evolution of ESG indicators is monitored over time for all investments and sent to LPs as part of ESG reporting.

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